Are you tired of photography that doesn't seem to capture your family's unique spark? We can help.

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Family Portraits

Are your frustrated by photographers that seem only to care about getting your family to fit their photography? We do the opposite... we try and make our photography fit your family.
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Baby Portraits

Kansas City baby photographers
Hate all the props and cheesy gimmicks you see in baby photography today? We specialize in timeless, elegant portraits that let your baby's natural beauty and adorableness shine through.
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Wedding Photographers Kansas City
Are you a bride who hates obtrusive wedding photographers who do not capture the real story of your day? Our photographers quietly document moments as journalists without making a big production and we report the naturally discovered events.
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Senior Portraits

Senior Photographers Kansas City
Are you a senior who is worried your portraits will look so photoshop enhanced, they won't even look like you? We will help you look your best without making you look like someone you are not.
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Has Something Been Missing in Your Family Portraits?

Are you a mom who isn't satisfied with family portraits that may look nice but don't capture the essence of your family?

It might just mean you need a photographer who wants to make the photography fit your family.

When you walk away with your finished portraits from Glow Imagery you'll enjoy images that not only look great but are made with the care and attention to show your family's unique spark. We use our years of photography experience to delve deeper beyond the surface to tell a true story of who you are through images.

This means you'll be overjoyed with our photography because it will not only remind you of who you love but what it is about them you love so much.

Our approach is not right for everyone. If you are looking for a Kansas City photographer but not just any Kansas City photographer, we may be able to help. Let's chat and see what kind of fit we may be for you. Call us at (816) 550-8830.

Our Guarantee

"If you're not thrilled - not just happy or satisfied - but thrilled with your photography, we will do whatever it takes to make you thrilled or we will give you all of your money back. No hassles, no hard feelings, either."

Chris Cummins, owner/chief photographic artist
Glow Imagery

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