Lake of the Forest Wedding

Alysse & Andy’s wedding at Lake of the Forest

We are very proud to introduce Alysse and Andy. They enjoyed a very warm but very beautiful wedding at Lake of the Forest in Bonner Springs, Kan., this past Saturday. We thought we would let the bride herself introduce her own wedding and couple’s story to you this round! You’ll see excerpts sprinkled with the photographs.




Tell us about your proposal:

“We both knew that we would eventually be married shortly after we began dating. This relationship has been so easy, natural, and the best either of have ever had. Our plan was to date for a 18 months to 2 years before taking the leap. Although I was becoming more excited to marry him by the month while we dated, I had told him I wanted it to be a suprise; that I did not want to pick the ring, and I didnt want to know his plans. Consequetly, I was not expecting the proposal.

First Fridays is an event that occurs the first Friday of every month in the Crossroads district of downtown Kansas City. There, art galleries open for public viewing, there is live music, you can find street performers and vendors every where you look.

We went that first Friday in September. Both hungry, we stopped at Manny’s for some Mexican food and cerveza before setting off to see the sights. Following dinner, we went into a few galleries, watched young people dancing in the street, and shopped at a couple stores briefly.

By the time we decided to call it a night, it was about 10:30. On our way back to the car, we stopped to pick some seed pods from a Trumpeter vine, a plant I have been wanting to grow in the back yard. As we were hunting for the best pods, Andy said to me “I have something for you.” Thinking it was a prime pod, I said “Okay.” and expected to take the pod from him. At that point, he reached in to his pocket, pulled out the ring, lowered to one knee, and asked “Will you please marry me?”

I was completely shocked. He stood up, I cried, and I was completely speechless. After a minute or two (it seemed like longer than that), I said “Of course I will marry you!” I blubbered over the beautiful ring and how happy I was for a few more minutes before I began calling our family and friends to tell them the fantastic news.”







The excitement was too much for the ring bearer. A couple of hours before the wedding and right before our portrait session. Archie, one of Alysse’s two Dachshunds, peed Alysse’s gown. An elite team of bridesmaids had the spot completely remedied by photography time.

What’s the one thing that surprised you the most about your wedding day?

“What surprised me most was how relaxed I was up until just before I walked down the isle. It all came together so well!”





What did you like most about your look (hair, shoes, gown, flowers?)

“I love flowers and lace, so I liked my bouquet, dress, and lace-detailed shoes the best. I loved my dress… it was everything I had ever dreamed of.” Lake-of-the-Forest-wedding-14




How did you two meet?

So, this is kind of a funny story.

In 2004, Andy’s family had a reunion in Holcomb, KS. Emma Prochaska, Andy’s mother’s sister’s step-daughter, invited me to go with her. We stayed with Andy’s parents for the few days we were in the area. Being a 17 year old, I wasn’t to interested in the boy-next-door persona of Andy, but was more captivated by his younger cousin from California with blonde hair and skinny jeans. Thus, unfortunately, Andy basically went unnoticed by me the week of the reunion.

Emma was married in March, 2011, and I was one of her bride’s maids. At the reception, Andy approached me and asked if I remembered him. Embarrassed, I told him ‘no’. He informed who he was, that I had stayed at his parent’s house for a few days a long time ago. I found him to be pretty attractive from what I could tell that night, so I began to ask him the barrage of questions to determine date-worthiness. I asked about his job, if he was married or had children, where he lived…those kind of things…. Then he gave me a can of Moosehead, and I knew I liked this guy.

When the reception wrapped up near midnight, Emma wanted to go to a local bar to finish up the night. I drove her and we picked up Andy at his hotel. We met up with her husband, Jesse, and a few other wedding goers at the Barrell House in downtown Lawrence. Andy and I shared conversation over a beer while Emma and the other’s headed to the dance floor. When the bar closed, Emma left with the others, and I dropped Andy off at his hotel. Before he went inside, we talked in my car for 5 hours. We talked about everything and soon realized that we saw eye-to-eye on most things. Before we parted, we exchanged phone numbers. And the rest is history!”




What was your favorite moment during the wedding day?

“There were so many “favorite moments”… I loved taking pictures with the family and friends and realizing all my favorite people are right here to celebrate with me!”


What was your vision for your wedding day? How did you make it personal?

“We wanted to have it relate to us. We love the outdoors, so it was an outdoor ceremony. We used a lot of wood as decorations and parts of trees to go along with this and to tie in with the venue “Lake of the Forest”. We also are self-proclaimed beer snobs, so we decorated beer bottles and used them as centerpieces.” Lake-of-the-Forest-wedding-22

Wedding Photography Kansas City Lake-of-the-Forest-wedding-23






Why did you choose Glow Imagery?

“I chose Glow Imagery because of Angee and Phil Kilmer. They showed me their “Sweetheart Session” pictures years ago and I was blown away. I knew then that I wanted the same art and uniqueness to go into my photography.” Lake-of-the-Forest-wedding-29










What was it like working with us?

“My favorite thing about Chris Cummins is that I never had a single doubt that I would be blown away by his pictures of the wedding, and that is huge when choosing a photographer. He is absolutely phenomenal…so energetic and down to Earth. It was a miserably hot September wedding, but Chris allowed us to do as many pictures as we wanted and obliged my idea of trekking all over the place to get some pretty pictures. Also, he kept the picture realistic, not a cheesy as a lot of wedding pictures, and he had some amazingly creative ideas!! Regardless of the heat, Chris never acted tired or annoyed, though he was sweating like crazy, and he toted his camera and all his equipment everywhere I asked him to! He’s been amazing, going above and beyond, since I first met him almost a year ago.” Lake-of-the-Forest-wedding-41



  1. Kathy says

    Two Beautiful people united by God, and you captured every breath taking moment of it.. The pictures truly show the happiness and Love these two feel for each other…

  2. Pattie Peitz says

    I LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I was sad that I couldn’t make it to the wedding, but am extremely happy that I got to see how beautiful it was! May God bless you both! :)

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