Our five favorite churches for Kansas City weddings.

With so many choices, where in the world should you have your Kansas City wedding? We have some experience with many, many churches in the area. There are many good ones – more than five we can tell you about. But for brevity’s sake we picked five. These were chosen based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to beauty of sanctuary and church grounds, amenities for the bridal party and the overall quality of experience there. Last but not least was the church’s lack of fussiness towards photographers. That’s a big deal in our book.


Asbury United Methodist Church
75th & Nall in Prairie Village, KS

We’re suckers for wedding ceremony sites with great light. Boy, does Asbury have it! It’s not as close to downtown reception venues as other churches but the distance is manageable. The upstairs dressing areas are spacious with magnificent circular windows that provide plenty of light to help with make-up. The windows provide some fun portrait possibilities for your photographer, too.

St. Elizabeth weddings Kansas City - St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Kansas City
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
2 East 75th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114

When we shot our first wedding at St. Elizabeth we were amazed at the enormous sanctuary. From the exterior it just doesn’t seem possible this church could have such an expansive sanctuary. Not only is it huge but it is beautiful with a wonderful bright white interior that makes it seem even larger than it is. The church coordinator was a delight to work with and sought to make everyone’s experience – including the photographer’s experience – worthwhile.
Redemptorist Parish in Kansas City
Redemptorist Parish
3333 Broadway St., Kansas City, MO 64111

We do a great many Catholic weddings every year (hmmm…. future blog post about our favorite Catholic churches? Stay tuned.) Redemptorist is the show stopper. This space brings a ton of Kansas City history to your event. It is centrally located in Midtown Kansas City, making this site convenient to the downtown reception venues that are so popular. The church features ample room for the bride and her retinue to get ready in the next door church offices. We’re not sure the grooms and groomsmen have the same niceties. The church administration are good to work with and have common sense and reasonable restrictions for photographers during the ceremony.
Kansas City church weddings - St. John's
St. John’s United Methodist Church
6900 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64113

This place is pretty much a closely related sister to Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village. Good light, spacious amenities and a great location that is an easy ride to the Country Club Plaza and downtown Kansas City. There’s a garden area just to the north of the church ripe with picture potential. The church is surrounded by plenty of colorful foliage during Spring, Summer and Fall.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
4503 Frederick Blvd. St Joseph, MO 64506

O.K., so it’s not in Kansas City. So what? Great stained glass, lots of space and a wonderful, wood-carved altar are big positives at this church. With those wide hallways, the post-wedding exit won’t make your guests feel like sardines. We like churches with gardens, too. Our Lady of Guadalupe has ’em.


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